APG’s Park Yoo-Kyung in Top 20 pension fund executives in Asia

Published on: 20 June 2023

Yoo-Kyung (YK) Park is showcased as one of the Top 20 pension fund executives in Asia by AsianInvestor. The publication describes Park as “an effective leader in the fight against climate change in Asia.”

One example of an engagement program established by Park (Head of APG APAC Responsible Investment & Governance) and her team is Climate Focus 10. Through this program, APG engages with the 10 largest CO2-emitting companies in South Korea and Japan to try to persuade them to reduce their carbon footprint. The efforts of Park and her colleagues have yielded in some very positive results. For instance, Samsung Electronics adopted a new environmental strategy and now aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

According to Park, the greatest challenge to climate policy in the region is the tapestry of regulatory frameworks. Asian companies say they are waiting for clear regulations before they can take climate action. “This lack of urgency is a significant issue, as without Asia's cooperation, the global net-zero target by 2050 cannot be achieved,” she acknowledges.

According to AsianInvestor, their Top 20 are all leading the industry “with their forward thinking and innovative practices”. Park’s “drive to promote sustainable investments in the pensions industry, and her impact on encouraging Asian portfolio companies to become more green”, make her a worthy addition to the list.

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