Sustainability-related disclosures

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation


The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is part of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan to stimulate the flow of capital into sustainable financial products. The SFDR focuses on improving transparency on how financial market participants integrate sustainability into their investment choices. It aims to strengthen the financial sector's response to environmental and social risks, in line with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement.


The SFDR consists of specific information requirements and a classification system that aims to increase the transparency and credibility of sustainability claims made by financial market participants. This framework also enables peers, regulators, governments, and consumers to assess and compare how financial market participants incorporate sustainability considerations into their decision-making and products based on consistent disclosure criteria.


How does APG Asset Management implement the SFDR?


As a participant in financial markets, APG Asset Management is required by the SFDR to disclose information on how we integrate sustainability risk management and the consideration of adverse sustainability impacts into our processes and financial products. Although the main provisions of the SFDR have been applicable since March 2021, the framework and other related sustainable finance rules are still being refined and expanded. This process is set to continue, which is why we continuously monitor the adoption of new regulations and guidelines and aim to implement these to the best of our ability.


This page provides information on APG Asset Management's implementation of the SFDR, including our Sustainability Risk Policy, Principal Adverse Impact Statement, Remuneration Policy, and product-specific information for 25 of our investment pools (See the "our investments" page). These documents also reference other APG Asset Management policies to give a clearer picture of how we incorporate sustainability considerations into our decision-making.