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Are you interested in APG? Do you have a request for information? Would you like an interview or background discussion with an APG expert? Or are you looking for photos, videos or publications, for example? Our spokespersons are happy to assist you. Contact one of them.

We are happy to assist you

Jennifer Bainbridge

Media contacts APG Asset Management US Inc.

Christine Burrows

Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications APG Asset Management Asia

Robert Bakker

Spokesperson APG The Netherlands

Dick Kors

Spokesperson APG The Netherlands

About APG Asset Management

At the end of November 2022, the assets we manage for our pension funds and their 4.8 million participants in total represented a value of approximately 530 billion euros (April 2023). We are quite proud of that. It is our ambition to achieve attractive investment returns for our customers in a responsible way. So that we can always ensure a good and affordable pension in a sustainable world. For current and future generations. 


APG is a pension provider that looks not only at financial returns, but also at making a contribution to society as a whole. We focus on aspects such as solidarity between generations, sustainability, values, diversity, the climate, and digitalization. Because pensions are ultimately about people, about life, and about living together in society. What good is a great pension if the world around you has become unlivable? 


We at APG want to make a real difference day after day. So that you, your parents, and your children will be able to rely on a good income. Today, tomorrow, and beyond.