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We are one of the largest real estate investors in the world with a mature and diversified portfolio spread across regions, sectors and risk groups. 

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Our investment process


We have the scale and skills to execute large and complex transactions and yet act with a nimbleness of a boutique, which enables us to actively develop new concepts and platforms. Although a fundamental bottom-up investment process is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy, portfolio construction is a top-down process. When we invest, we have a clear view what the global megatrends are and how they shape economies, communities and sectors.


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Our investment approach

Derk Welling

There are way too many environmental standards for real estate.

Derk Welling - Real Estate ESG Lead
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Market engagements we co-initiated

Rutger van der Lubbe

Strong governance and responsible investing are key considerations within our investment process.

Rutger van der Lubbe - Head of Global Real Estate Investment Strategy


Rutger van der Lubbe

Head of Global Investment Strategy Real Estate