Our fiduciary model

We at APG work using a ‘fiduciary’ model. This forms an important part of the strategy we have committed to implement. Firstly, to serve pension funds with advice on how best to invest their capital, ensuring that they are always able to meet their obligations to their participants and retirees without being exposed to major risks. And secondly, it means that the pension funds can entrust all their investment-related activities to us. We advise them on which investment mix (shares, bonds, real estate, or other asset classes) is the best fit for their goals. While we manage most of the investment portfolios ourselves, we do engage external investment managers for investments in specific markets or geographical regions.  


Separated roles in the investment process  

Our fiduciary approach is distinctive because of the unique way in which we keep the three crucial roles in the investment process strictly separate. Giving independent investment advice to our customers, investing pension capital, and managing risk are the three roles, each with its own separate and dedicated department. These teams operate entirely independently from each other. This way of working makes sure that interests never intermingle, keeps the investment strategy transparent and pure, and empowers us to cater most effectively to our customers’ goals.   


Pension in safe hands  

Our unique fiduciary approach ensures that we maintain a clear overall view of and control over the investments. And it enables us to intervene quickly as and when necessary. This means we can make the best possible contribution to helping our customers achieve their goals. And when we say customers, we not only mean the pension funds, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the people these pension funds work for. The ultimate aim is for them to have peace of mind in the knowledge that their pension is in safe hands, both today and in the future.