APG reaches agreement for the acquisition of major Dutch energy solutions platform

Published on: 3 July 2023

A consortium of APG, on behalf of ABP, and OMERS Infrastructure (‘OMERS’) has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Kenter, a subsidiary of Alliander. APG and OMERS will both acquire a 50 percent stake in the business.

Kenter is a market leading company that provides (amongst others) medium-voltage electricity infrastructure (mainly transformers), metering devices, battery storage solutions and chargers for electric vehicles in the Netherlands to over 25,000 business-to-business customers.

Carlo Maddalena, Senior Portfolio Manager at APG, said: “The acquisition of Kenter is a unique opportunity for APG to acquire a high quality business with a consolidated presence at the heart of the energy transition sector and a strong management team. We intend to grow the business and enhance the value proposition to Kenter’s customers with innovative solutions for energy efficiency, security of energy supply and achieving net zero.”

Kenter marks the second major acquisition in the Netherlands for APG and OMERS, after jointly acquiring Groendus in November 2022. Groendus develops, builds and operates rooftop solar and storage solutions, meters and electric vehicle chargers for its commercial and industrial business customers, as well as providing access to its proprietary energy management system and energy marketplace.

Robert Szatkowski, Senior Portfolio Manager at APG, added: “Smart and integrated energy solutions will be facilitating the implementation of the energy transition over the next decades. We are excited to work with the teams at Kenter and Groendus to address the opportunities that the energy transition is driving. We believe that both companies and their unique offer will play an essential role in the acceleration of  the ongoing electrification and decarbonization of the Netherlands.”


The deal team at APG comprised of Carlo Maddalena, Robert Szatkowski, Iulia Grosu and Lea Sporken.


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